Hale Village Green, SU 842 489

Saturday 4 July 009

The Hale Fete & Carnival was again blessed with a lovely summerís day. RN and TM arrived before the beer tent opened at 2.00 pm and slipped in a starter at The Ball and Wicket.

ROC purchased at the WI stand but TM had thought £3.50 was too much for carrot cake and remained without when a subsequent visit proved fruitless. PC had his new glasses and a supply of beer towels which TM modelled on his head and PV used to wipe his sweaty brow after the strenuous bike up the hill.

Gathering at the beer tent around opening time, we found that Leslie was in charge. Mick and quite a few of the beer crew were absent watching the final test between South Africa and The British Lions.

RN had promised a visit from Christine but in the end it was Anne who turned up with DF and Katya with GM. The wifely contingent was completed by Maz once all the WI cakes had been sold. With MG there fresh from his Turkish delights, it was quite a Mengo crowd.

Mike arrived in an exuberant mood after the Lionís victory and was so pleased with the way the Sixth Hale Beer Festival was going offered PV and DF tickets for the GBBF trade session. Excellent end to a fine afternoon, completed by some with a visit to The Garden Gate.

The twelve beers available were all priced at a very reasonable £2.80 a pint and drunk in the following order.

Brewery Beer %
Hook Norton Hooky Dark 3.2
Banks and Taylor Midsummer Ale 3.5
York Decade 4.1
Banks and Taylor Golden Fox 4.1
Brown Cow Hartley 1808 4.2
Milton Sparta 4.3
Nethergate Dr. Johnís Panacea 4.3
Shefford (Banks & Taylor) Dunstable Giant 4.4
Cwmbran Pure Welsh 4.5
Burton Bridge Dover Dynamo 4.5
Summerskills Devon Dew 4.7
Great Oakley Corby Gobble 4.5

Attended by:-
RN, TM, PC, ROC, PV, DF, MG & GM plus some wives but without KOC