Aldershot, GU11 1UE

Saturday 11 December 2010

The beer was set up in the back room with the pool table and Mengo soon bagged the one and only table. Some of us started early 14:00 or just after, Tel wondered in at the normal time 14:40 while RN never made it at all (some thing about could not be bothered?)

Jem and Satan turned up they had, a livener at the Greyhound in Ash and then another in the White Hart, Tongham. This was their last beer festival of the year. PC could not believe that this was number 44 for them.

We soon attracted the attracted the attention of the Landlord ( Ray ) and spent a very good hour talking about beer, Aldershot Football club and Ray's plans to keep the Real very available and in good nick into next year.

Tom Martin turned up and had the normal Fosters which again raised the old question on foreign beer brewed in the UK. KO reminisced about when he could in Ireland drink Guineless all day without any effect?

The beer list completed, missed the SleighBell as some of the boys had it Wednesday night in the club. So FN and RO on their bikes and up the Garden. Here we found RN he had not been in the Ambulance that went past the pub earlier as KO thought and was not at home when they passed his house to see if he was coming out to play.

As luck would have it. He was with MG in the Garden Gate ready with the blue one in hand to get a round and the third degree on where he had been. FN as normal would not have the GK IPA but went for the Black Cat Mild (very nice)

Brewery Beer %
Batmans Rosey Nosey 4.9
Holdens Christmas Bluster 4.8
Everards SleighBell 4.5
Cotleigh Red Nose Rienbeer 4.5
Mauldons Bah Humbug 4.9
Elgoods Snickalmas 5.0
Phoenix Snowbound 4.3

Attended by:-
FN, KO,PC,RO,TM and Jem and Satan