Tongham, GU10 1DE

Saturday 11 September 2010

Two by bike and four by bus made this the largest Mengo gathering for some time. Comfortably settled in the sport bar, we purchased our tokens and set about the list of some 30 beers.

Divided into beer groups and boosting comprehensive tasting notes, the list was one of the best seen this summer. But would the beers be as good?

Well, the only disappointment turned out to be the recommendation from the landlady, Ali. The Havant Herd, a 4.2% stout, was described as dark, rich and velvety, whereas those who tried it just thought it was burnt.

On the plus side the Ringwood Boondoggle was in stunning form and we all enjoyed the Tryst Brockville Pale and Blue Monkey Evolution Gold.

All the usual acquaintances were conspicuous by their absence – no SHB Camra and no Jem and Satan. No doubt they were all at one or another of the five beer festivals on this weekend. B&T Mike might be right; there are too many festivals on nowadays for all of them to be successful. On second thoughts, no, there can never be too many festivals, they just need to choose their weekend more carefully and avoid the others.

After an enjoyable little session we left for the delights of the Saturday afternoon session at the Garden Gate.

Brewery Beer %
Tryst Brockville Pale
Golcar Golcar Mild 3.4
Ringwood Boondoggle 4.2
Havant Havant Herd 4.2
Blue Monkey Evolution Gold 4.3
Copper Dragon Challenger IPA 4.4
Holden’s Wharfinger 4.3
Great Newsome Frothingham Bitter 4.3

Brewery Beer %
Tryst Brockville Pale 3.8
Tryst Carronade IPA 4.2
Purple Moose Glaslyn Ale 4.2
Holden’s Wharfinger 4.3
Blue Monkey Evolution Gold 4.3
Copper Dragon Challenger IPA 4.4
Breconshire Red Dragon 4.7

Attended by:-
ROC, PV (by bike), KOC, TM, RN and PC (by bus)