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Saturday 12 November 2011

With TM again away cat sitting, Mengo were initially down to five but were supplemented by Submarine John and Cally and her entourage for the outward journey. SH was already on the train. KOC waited outside the centre to supply Jem and Satan with their tickets, so even though John and SH were sans tickets, they still got in before some of us. MG turned up much later.

It was time to scrutinise the beer list in some detail. The emphasise was on local beers from Surrey, Sussex and Hampshire. Nothing wrong with that but it did mean there was a distinct feeling of ‘we had been here before’. Some relief from the locals was provided by the Camra 40th Anniversary bar stocked with beers that were around at the time the organisation was founded.

Fortunately, the selection improved back in the Main Hall and PV and ROC were beginning to enjoy the festival when the Wurlitzer started up. What, in the Main Hall? Seems the organisers wanted to bring Len Rawle and his bloody organ to everyone and set up a video link. Impossible to think let alone chat, the drone soon drove ROC away, swiftly followed by PV, RN and MG.

Brewery Beer %
Red Squirrel Red Tail 3.6
Elgood's Cambridge Bitter 3.8
Brodies Citra 3.1
Kissingate Black Cherry Mild 4.2
Sherfield Village Green Bullet 4.3
Longdog Brindle Bitter 4.2
Dorking Black Mild 3.2
Island Earl's RDA 5.0
Old Dairy Gold Top 4.3
Old Dairy Silver Top Cream Stout 4.5
Loddon Russet 4.5
Dark Star Green Hopped IPA 6.5

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