Bat and Ball Lane, Boundstone, GU10 4SA

Saturday 13 June 2009

Although PV had been rather taken aback at the cost of drinking at this festival when last visited, as he was already in the locality looking at trees, he decided to give it another chance. ‘In support of local charities’ meant the entrance charge, by way of the festival glass, was £5.00 for half pint or £6.00 for a pint. All beers, via the token system, were £3.00 a pint. Two pint glasses and six tokens and that was £20.00 gone before even having a beer in hand. In the end, excluding the cost of the second glass, PV’s ten halves worked out at £4.20 a pint! No change on the cost front then.

On this lovely summers day the upwardly mobile of Boundstone were already out in force and there were no free tables in the garden. This left the cool interior of the pub virtually empty and we settled inside with the Lindford cyclists, Jem and Kev (aka Satan). It seems every drinking group must have its Kev. You just know it is not your normal beer festival venue when the queue for the nappy changing facilities is longer than the queue for the gents.

MV thoroughly enjoyed the two beers she tried (Roosters Elderflower and Triple fff Apache Rose Peacock) before passing on the baton (glass) to SH who kept PV company until time to go.

Brewery Beer %
Thwaites Nutty Black 3.3
Cottage Champflower Ale 4.2
Langham Halfway to Heaven 3.5
Oakleaf Grasshopper 3.7
Wickwar Bankers Draft 4.0
Roosters Elderflower 3.7
Langham Hip Hop 4.0
Springhead Surrender 1646 3.6
Triple fff Apache Rose Peacock 4.2
Cottage Broadgauge Bitter 3.9

Attended by:-
PV, MV and SH