Farnham Maltings, GU9 7QN

Thursday 14 April 2011

Another year and yet another Farnham Beerex, this year the 35th.

There was nothing much new on the beer list but it provided enough interest to keep us happy. JA had come down early to be fully rested for the golf match on Friday between Brigadier Mee and Private Aspinal.

After a bit of meeting other regulars and a bit of talking bollocks, it was time for the early train home.

Brewery Beer %
Copper Dragon Black Gold 3.7
Naylors Pinnacle Mild 3.4
Naylors Pinnacle Pale Ale 3.6
Orkney Raven 3.8
High House Farm Auld Hemp 3.8
York Guzzler 3.6
Hadrian & Border Gladiator 3.8
Sarah Hughes Pale Amber 4.0
Blue Monkey Original 3.6
Exmoor Fox 4.2
Castle Rock Hemlock Bitter 4.0
Titanic White Star 4.8

Attended by:-

ROC, PV, JA, KOC, TM, MG and JG with Satan (KS) and Jem (JB)

Friday 15 April 2011

PV's master plan fell at the first fence when he was sent to serve in the Cellar Courtyard Bar instead of the favoured Main Hall Riverside Bar. Biggest surprise of the evening was just how good the Ascot Anastasia's Exile Stout tasted.

Brewery Beer %
Golcar Pennine Gold 4.0
Banks and Taylor Dragonslayer 4.5
Dark Star Festival 5.0
Banks and Taylor Black Dragon Mild 4.3
Timothy Taylor Best Bitter 4.0
Copper Dragon Challenger IPA 4.4
Ascot Posh Pooch 4.2
Ballard's Nyewood Gold 5.0
York Centurion's Ghost Ale 5.4
Ascot Anastasia's Exile Stout 5.0
Titanic Stout 4.5

Attended by:-

PV and MV

16 April 2011

A large Mengo group gathered and settled in the quiet of the Riverside Cafe to have a good chat. But then Farnham is nowadays more about the social gathering than the beer. Even the beer consumption by the big two is curtailed these days.

No apres festival pizza this year so the majority said farewell to TC and GM at the end of the session and headed back to Aldershot and the comforting embrace of the Garden Gate.

Brewery Beer %
Burton Bridge Sovereign Gold 4.0
Twickenham Grandstand Bitter 3.8
St. Austell Proper Job 4.5
Oakleaf Nuptu'ale 4.2
Twickenham Sundancer 3.7
Humpty Dumpty Bad Egg 4.1
Castle Rock Elsie Mo 4.7
Purple Moose Dark Side of the Moose 4.6
Hadrian & Border Secret Kingdom 4.3
RCH Firebox 6.0
Bowman Quiver Bitter 4.5

Attended by:-

TC, PV, TM, PC, ROC, RN, JA, GM, MG, JG, (NE) Shredder, KOC with KS and JB