Ancells Farm Community Centre, Fleet, GU51 2XF

Saturday 14 August 2010

With KOC going back to his roots, it left a depleted Mengo crew going to Fleet. Despite PV’s misguided venture into the housing estate, arrival at the festival was still attained around midday. The hall was already busy and hot; the Macs donned during the walk were quickly discarded.

Doug, who we picked up at the station, left us to join the SHB Camra table, while we established a base in the corner next to the bar. Mike and Lesley soon arrived and any chance of PV cutting down on his beer consumption disappeared for the day.

Neil called by and we were reacquainted with Peter and Ysanne from Alton. Time drifted by until four decided they had had enough and headed off to the station and afternoon delights at the Garden Gate. PV stayed on with Mike and Lesley and accepted their offer of a lift home, departing shortly before 3.00 pm.

The beer list, concentrating as it did on local beers was not only disappointing but also included some breweries in the ‘must avoid’ category – Crondall, Farnham and, to a lesser extent, Dorking. With the local theme most beers were supplied direct from the breweries concerned. This miffed Mike somewhat as, although he provided the stillage and cooling, he only got to supply and make a profit on his own B&T beers. There had been no Mid Summer Ale left at the brewery so Two Brewers was supplied instead. No one seemed to notice it was a different beer from that listed.

Brewery Beer %
B&T Brewery Two Brewers 3.6
Loddon Hoppit 3.5
West Berkshire Mild 3.8
Hammerpot White Wing 4.0
Andwell Gold Muddler 3.9
West Berkshire Good Old Boy 4.0
Hammerpot Madgwick Gold 5.0
Loddon Check Mate 5.0
B&T Brewery In The Mood 4.3
Surrey Hills Shere Drop 4.2
Triple fff Alton’s Pale Ale 4.8
Andwell Ruddy Darter 4.6

Attended by:-
PV, ROC, TM, PC and RN