Woking Leisure Centre, TQ 007 578

Saturday 14 November 2009

Another year, another Woking. A week later than last year, it should have meant TM could attend having missed out last year due to a double booking with Wakefield. But no, Wakefield decide to put theirs back a week as well, so no TM again. There were, however, plenty of Mengo friends and children to make up the numbers including Cally promoting her first GG beer festival.

PV set off early to meet TC at the station and they managed to get into the Leisure Centre without getting drenched or blown over. They were on their third beer when most of Mengo turned up.

Using the Foreign Beer Bar as the base, PC decided not to venture too far and tried the imported stuff in practice for Round the World next month.

The main list carried its normal mix of old favourites and beers new to Woking; including the last beer brewed by Waylands at Addlestone before their move to Devon – Special FX. The Castle Rock Black Gold was an exceptionally pleasant mild, the Dark Star Double Chocolate Stout reliable as ever and the Ilkley Mary Jane surprisingly flavoursome despite its low gravity.

A very enjoyable selection of British beers was topped off with a lovely draught Fruh Kolsch.

Brewery Beer %
Boggart Hole Clough Sun Dial 4.7
Castle Rock Black Gold 3.8
Dark Star Double Chocolate Stout 4.5
Golcar Pennine Gold 4.0
Ilkley Mary Jane 3.6
Marble Manchester Bitter 4.2
Nant Pen Dafad 4.2
Sambrook’s Wandle Ale 3.8
Twickenham Autumn Blaze 4.4
Watermill Collie Wobbles 3.7
Waylands Special FX 4.8
Wold Top Mars Magic 4.6
Fruh Kolsch 4.9

Attended by:-
PV, TC, ROC, KOC, RN, PC and MG plus many guests