Ancells Farm Community Centre, Fleet, GU51 2XF

Saturday 15 August 2009

PV and TC aimed to get there for the start but a point’s failure at Eastleigh delayed their arrival at the venue and the convoluted procedure to convert the e-ticket into an entrance ticket meant it was 11.20 am before they got their first beer.

Mike from B&T managed to find them shortly afterwards and the rest of Mengo trailed in after midday. Still the latecomers had been lucky enough to be on Brookwood station and find out that the recently built A1 Peppercorn engine was expected down the line shortly. It was worth waiting at Fleet station with the rest of the train spotters to see it steam through in charge of the ‘Cathedrals Express’ and get one over on PV.

The theme of this year’s festival was beers named after animals and Mike had managed to find quite an array of fauna to tempt us. All the beers tried were in good nick but the one championed by Mike was the award winning Castle Rock Screech Owl, and he was not wrong. It was a stunning beer and at 5.5% a true IPA.

Brewery Beer %
B & T Brewery Golden Fox 4.1
Castle Rock Screech Owl 5.5
Elgood’s Black Dog 3.6
Elgood’s Golden Newt 4.1
Frog Island Natterjack 4.8
Frog Island Fire-Bellied Toad 5.0
Hammerpot Martlet 3.5
Milton Pegasus 4.1
RCH Brewery Old Slug Porter 4.5
Tring Side pocket for a Toad 3.6
Westerham Grasshopper Kentish Bitter 3.8
White Horse White Horse Bitter 3.7
Wolf Wolf ale 3.9

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