Farnborough, GU14 8AL

This year's theme was 'The Heart of England' and initial inspection of the list looked promising for untried beers. Unfortunately for PV the festival had been very busy Friday and the Sarah Hughes was already a casualty. This afternoon, nine others swiftly followed with many earmarked for tasting among them. Still, there was still enough choice to keep PV happy.

Eventually, the rest of Mengo turned up. PC, RN and TM arrived by KOC mobile. KOC himself did not stay he was saving himself for the farewell drink for the Excelsior Club steward that evening. ROC never made it at all - his new bike let him down just as he got to the Garden Gate so he abandoned the attempt there.

With the queue for beer undiminished and the choice ever dwindling the KOC mobile was summoned and Mengo decamped to the GG for some GK.

Brewery Beer %
Salopian Shropshire Gold 3.8
Nottingham Rock Bitter 3.8
Highgate Davenports IPA 4.0
Copthorne Comanche 4.0
Black Country Ales Pig on the Wall 4.3
John Thompson JTS XXX 4.0
Three Tuns XXX 4.3
Malvern Hills Green Pear 4.4
Two Towers Chamberlain Pale Ale 4.5
Castle Rock Harry Wheatcroft 4.2

Attended by:-
PV, PC, RN and TM