Garden Gate, GU11 3BT

Saturday 21 November 2009

Yes a beer festival in the Garden Gate and no PV the dreaded Swine Flu had laid him low but we had a couple of South Africans and High Tower to make up the gap.

There were 2 bars, the normal main bar with a real ale barrel on it and more beer in the back room with the rest of the selection, Cally had managed to cover 14 real ales and 4 ciders and it all looked very good.

£3 a pint across the board and that included the IPA (yes I did complain). I was not sure on the price of the Guinness that CO and TM were drinking they should have been drinking the other black stuff as everybody agreed that the Ascot Anastasia’s Stout was the best drink there on the day.

Bob S. And the CAMRA lads had placed themselves between both bars and with comments such as “the beer in the back is a bit flat and tired while the rest is ok”. This did not deter them and I notice that they were making their way through the food menu and the cider list and still going strong when I left.

The new 2010 calendar was viewed by all and KO managed to buy one with his winning from last week. I must say well worth the donation to charity. Matt has done a very good job and I did not have to be wearing the old beer goggles to see that.

The Martins then turned up on mass and the afternoon went on, Leeds won, Arsenal lost and the beer flowed. I was not sure of Gem and Satan’s thoughts on our local pub, it was another strange day and they seemed to fit in some how.

List thanks to PC:

Brewery Beer %
Ascot Ales Alligator Ale 6.0
Itchen Valley Brewery Green Jackets 4.5
Hog’s Back Brewery HOP 4.6
Greene King Fireside 4.5
Greene King Abbot Ale 5.0
Ascot Ales Winter Reserve 5.2
Hog’s Back Brewery HBB 4.6
Itchen Valley Brewery Godfathers 3.8
Osset Brewery Big Red 4.0
Hydes Jekyll’s Gold 4.3

Attended by:-
KO, PC, RO, FN, RN, MG, CO, Gem, Satan and a couple of South Africans (Pat, Vi ), plus many guests