Date: 21 September 2011 The Shortest Pub Survey Ever

Sampled by:

PV, KOC and TM

No ROC. No FN. No bikes. No turn up by Nick. Left just the three to have a drink in remembrance of Ted - the last Gentleman of Aldershot who passed away ten years ago.

PubLocationOS Map Ref
Garden Gate Aldershot GU11 3BT
There was Bluegrass on in the Saloon and Poker in the back room and a couple of big girls who could not seem to settle and kept moving around the pub. The Hardy & Hansons Bitter was masquerading as the Garden Gate Best Bitter - landlady's choice. Fortunately there was no slight of hand with the Castle Rock Harvest Pale, it was simply the best beer to have on the night.
Greene King IPA 3.6 3.10 - Surprisingly not tried
Greene King Abbot 5.0 3.30 - No surprise not tried
Hardy & Hansons Garden Gate Best 3.9 3.30 3.0 -
Castle Rock Harvest Pale 3.8 3.30 3.6 Who marked this?