Date: 22 January 2011 PV's Day Out

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Usually attributable to MG, with his recent Saturday absences, this year our early New Year's trip was given over to PV. Not that he chose the venue; a visit to Reading had been penciled in by t'committee as soon as the geek convention had been scheduled at the GG.

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Nags Head Reading RG1 7XD
Reading's premier real ale venue was busy with pre match supporters but Mengo soon crowded a table. Twelve beers to choose from and all at £3.00 a pint, whatever the ABV. Four pint jugs brought a discount of a £1 so the round for seven came out at an even £20. PV set about the list in halves whereas the serious drinkers stayed with carefully selected pints. After five of them we left in good humour.
Triple fff Pressed Rat 3.8 3.00 3.5 A good mild to start
Hop Back Rye Tangle 4,0 3.00 4 Rye notable; very tasty
Downton Black Knight 4.1 3.00 4 A stout without the strength
White Horse Blowing Stone 4.2 3.00 4 Cream soda
Welton's Old Cocky 4.3 3.00 3 Stale all the way to the end
West Berkshire Full Circle 4.5 3.00 4 Very lively but tasty
Three Castles Knights Porter 4.6 3.00 4 (Pewsey) In memory of Jack
Windsor & Eton Conqueror Black 5.0 3.00 4 Well rounded IPA
Art Brew Born in a Barn 6.0 3.00 3.5 Coriander & lemon grass
Welton's Export Stout 4.7 3.00 4 Nice and smooth
Bingham's Twyford Tipple 3.7 3.00 4 Nice and sharp

Despite, or even because of, the lack of a map we eventually found the Sweeney and Todd pie shop. RN's order of 3 set the standard but was eclipsed by MG's order for 6.

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Hobgoblin Reading RG1 2BH
Still quirky after all these years. Now a guaranteed source of three West Berkshire beers there is still room for five guests. Bar staff still think they are superior to the customers and provide service to match their attitude. Still we were only here for a couple before heading back to the station so at least we avoided being banned.
West Berkshire Hexter's Wedding 4.1 3.20 4 Can't
West Berkshire Sitting Bill 4.3 3.20 4 Really
Otley O3 Boss 4.4 3.20 4 Remember
Oakleaf Reindeer's Delight 4.5 3.20 4 Much

While the rest went to the station, PV went book shopping. Traveling back via Ash, he watched the connection depart for Aldershot and had a cold half hour wait for the next train.