Date: 22 June 2011 Not the Longest Day

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The excitement started even before we reached the first pub. After some of us had cycled past, the driver of the cop car waiting at the junction changed her mind over the direction she had intended going and set off in pursuit. We feared she was after ROC for an overloaded bike but it turned out she was actually after the van driver who had speed past.

PubLocationOS Map RefStar Bentley GU10 5LW CommentThe lapsed Camra member at the bar wanted a chat and while the replacement barrel of Landlord was being readied we had plenty of time to accommodate him. He was also a lapsed member of the P G Woodhouse Appreciation Society which told us everything we needed to know. Unfortunately, The Star turned out to be a bad practice pub loading a 20p per pint surcharge for drinking beer in halves.
Triple fff Alton-s Pride 3.8 3.20 2.5 Tasty but cold
Timothy Taylor Landlord 4.1 3.20 2.5 Tasty but cold

PubLocationOS Map Ref
Bull Bentley GU10 5JH
All quiet dining. The beer got better and better as it warmed up.
St Austell Tribute 4.2 3.10 3.5 Better as it warmed
Ringwood Best Bitter 3.8 3.10 3.0 Better as it warmed
Fuller's London Pride 4.1 3.10 3.0 Better as it warmed

Then along the A31 watching FN slip stream the hardworking KOC.

PubLocationOS Map RefJolly Sailor Farnham GU9 7EH CommentAfter getting past the locals jokes about the next post it was a pleasant surprise to find a Goddards beer in this GK tie. Even though the IPA was on promotion at £2.49 no one was tempted. Entertained by FN's yarn about Chedge, the Nurse's accomodation and the 56 lb. sack of spuds.
Goddards Fuggle Dee Dum 4.8 3.15 3.0 Pleasantly surprising
Greene King IPA 3.6 2.49 - Not tried
Greene King Abbot 5.0 3.15 - Not tried

PubLocationOS Map Ref
William Cobbett Farnham GU9 7QR
Another surprise - the pub was quiet. The bar manager didn't like the look of the Triple fff Hallelujah and it was quickly taken off. Lucy was very happy on her friends 30th birthday but fortunately Lara was driving.
Havant The Foggiest 4.5 3.45 3.0 Some sort of spice
Langham LSD 5.2 3.45 2.5 Some sort of unhappiness
Dark Star Espresso 4.2 3.45 3.5 Some sort of loveliness

PubLocationOS Map Ref
Lamb Farnham GU9 7 RJ
Shepherd Neame beers and with the Spitfire straight out of the barrel - just what you need to finish an enjoyable evening out
Shepherd Neame Kent's Best 4.1 3.35 3.5 No comments forthcoming
Shepherd Neame Whitstable Bay 4.1 3.50 3.5 Crisp and fresh
Shepherd Neame Spitfire 4.2 3.50 3.5 Weaker in draught form