Farnham Maltings GU9 7QN

Thursday 23 April 2009

Travellers: ROC, PV, KOC, TM, MG and JA

The evening was a strange mix of the normal opening session at Farnham and the unexpected. You can decide which was which;
The weather was sunny and abnormally warm for the time of year.
ROC was the first Mengo member to arrive at the Maltings.
ROC started his evenings drinking with 3 milds.
PV opened his account with three milds.
KOC and TM were later than planned due to a mix up over train times.
TC would know everything that went on.
MG had had his hair cut especially for the occasion.
PV thought the beer list was interesting.
Latvia had sent a representative.
JA turned up.

Abbey AlesBell Ringer4.2
AndwellGold Muddler3.9
Dark StarChestnut Ale4.0
Holden'sBlack Country Mild3.7
Keltek4K Mild3.8
OldershawFirst Class Bitter3.8
PoachersTrembling Rabbit Mild3.4
Skinner'sHeligan Honey4.0

Friday 24 April 2009

Travellers: PV and MV

Knowing when he is on to a good thing PV again worked at the Beerex with MV. However, this time he decided not to avoid drinking at any particular bar so he could select it as their workstation but instead just go where they sent them. As luck would have it, this turned out to be the long bar in the main hall, which he had only sparsely sampled the day before.

Dark StarEspresso4.2
GrainstoreCooking Bitter3.6
GrainstoreTriple B4.2
Hadrian & BorderFlotsam4.0
Hadrian & BorderJetsam4.5
Traditional Scottish AlesStirling Bitter3.7
Yates'Fever Pitch3.9

Friday 26 April 2009

Travellers: PV, DF, TC, ROC, JA, TM, RN, PC, KOC, NE, MG and GM
NE was also in attendance.

Another Saturday at Farnham Beerex, the thirty-third for two of Mengo.
The Beerex weather law held up and although it threatened it did not rain.
PV missed DF at Aldershot station but they soon met up and headed for the queue to find TC. He was near the front along with Reg who had the required extra ticket. They were soon stationed at the bar counter in the cider room waiting for the rest to turn up.
GM had enjoyed the previous year so much he came again and Shredder made use of the extra ticket from Reg.
A distinct bonus for congregating next to the malt room was the Twickenham beers were located there. Both the Naked Ladies and Pale Beauty proved very popular with Mengo for some reason. It had something to do with a Pole and her companion.
A certain fragmentation occurred at the end of the session, the main body following tradition and going for a pizza, whilst a few went to the pub and TC just disappeared.

AcornOld Moor Porter4.4
FarnhamBishop Sumner3.8
HobsonsTown Crier4.5
Purple MooseSnowdonia Ale3.6
RCHOld slug Porter4.5
St. AustellBlack Prince4.0
TwickenhamNaked Ladies4.4
TwickenhamPale Beauty4.7
WesterhamBlack Eagle SPA3.8