Guildhall, Winchester, SO23 9GH

26 March 2011

Twenty eight years since the last Winchester Beer Festival - many of the punters weren't even born the last time we attended this particular fest. According to MG the Guildhall felt smaller than remembered, or perhaps the illusion was just because we had got bigger.

The timing of the trains left us with a ten minute wait for the opening and allowed us to find Pat masquerading as a Morris Man before going in. A quick first selection and it was downstairs to the outside courtyard to find some seating.

After settling in, a tour of the venue quickly found Jem and Satan along with Trev, Simon and their Canadian friend. When they all filtered down to courtyard an afternoon of musical chairs evolved.

The beer list was safe but interesting - of particular note was the Dark Star Golden Gate and the Castle Rock Harvest Pale - you could see why the latter beer got Champion Beer of Britain at last years GBBF. ppm
Less enjoyable, but still worth having, was the beer specially brewed for the festival by Flowerpots - Winchester Hog Mild.

For some, the sense of deja vu was complete when they wandered into the main hall to see a blue suited brass band entertaining the crowd.

Unfortunately for the aficionados it was not The Fulham Brass Band Ensemble but then The Denmead Brass Band was not a bad substitute - in fact they were very good, particularly with the theme tune for Thunderbirds Are Go!

Brewery Beer %
Howard Town Wrens Nest 4.2
Kissingate Storyteller 3.5
Dark Star Golden Gate 4.5
Bradfield Farmers Brown Cow 4.2
Ilkley Best 4.0
Harviestoun Shenanigans Black Lager 4.2
Kissingate Black Cherry Mild 4.2
Salopian Hop Twister 4.5
Cotleigh Honey Buzzard 4.5
Flowerpots Winchester Hog Mild 4.5
Castlerock Harvest Pale 3.8
Flack Manor Flack Catcher 4.4

Then it was up the station for the train and time to lose KOC, TM and Pat for a belated meeting with Vi.

Attended by:-
PV, MG, ROC, KOC, TM, RN, PC and TC with Pat and others