Puttenham, GU3 1AR

Friday 28 May 2010

The summer beer festival season starts with the late May Bank Holiday weekend and PV was hoping to cover two of the more local events. Plan A was to visit the Duke of Cambridge (Tilford), who were holding their first festival, on Friday evening but this was ditched when it turned out the festival did not start until the Saturday.
Plan B started with an early doors visit to The Good Intent instead. The landlord from a few years back was manning the beer tent and informed us the couple he had sold the pub to (Rachel and Julian) departed last October. Fortunately, the new landlords, Gavin and Kate, had decided to continue with the beer festival.
The stand out beer of this session was the Gun Powder Mild, although some people may disagree.

Brewery Beer %
Hexhamshire Devilís Elbow 3.6
Bowland Pheasant Plucker 3.6
Coach House Gun Powder Mild 3.8
Leyden Black Pudding 4.2
Dorset Jurassic 4.2

Attended by:-
PV and MV

Saturday 29 May 2010

Plan B continued with a midday start at The Duke of Cambridge. On arrival it turned out the festival start had been put back until the rain stopped. There was nothing for it but to say goodbye.
Mengo normally end up with Plan C and it was no different this time. An early arrival at the Good Intent allowed PV and MV to enjoy a leisurely lunch of hog roast, which was very good.
FN was next to arrive and eventually the rest turned up courtesy of the KOC mobile. ROC, however, failed to arrive.
As it was still raining and the outside seating occupied by Ramblers passing through, Mengo settled in the bar, which meant they missed the set by Strau Benzee, a tight little combo of accordion, guitar, double bass and box-man.
The beers were enjoyable but nothing much stood out apart from the Cornish blond behind the bar, but she wasnít from Skinners.

Brewery Beer %
Hexhamshire Meteor 3.8
Bowman Elderado 3.5
Banks and Taylor Golden Fox 4.1
Dark Star Hophead 3.8
Mauldonís Silver Adder 4.2
Potbelly Pigs do Fly 4.4
Elland Nettlethrasher 4.4
RCH Old Slug Porter 4.5
Skinners Cornish Blonde 5.0
Stonehenge Sign of Spring 4.6

Then it was FN off on his bike and the rest into the KOC mobile and back to the Garden Gate to meet up with ROC and MG.

Attended by:-
PV, FN, KOC, TM, PC and RN (with MV for lunch)