Puttenham, GU3 1AR

28 May 2011

Last years festival must have been a success as Gavin and Kate continued the tradition and it was back to the Good Intent for another late May Bank Holiday weekend beer tasting.

PV and MV arrived early to again enjoy Harry's excellent wood smoked hog roast. It did not disappoint and FN was also tempted to try it when he arrived. Jem and Satan, also early arrivals, had their own provisions.

Finally the rest arrived courtesy of the KOC mobile and Mengo were complete. Apart that is for ROC, who again failed to arrive at this really rather good little beer festival.

The weather was a little kinder this year - well it wasn't actually raining - and with an absence of walkers we were able to occupy a table in the music tent.

With 24 beers on the list, there was plenty to choose from and most did not disappoint. The best named was the Phoenix Arizona - which is, of course, in a beer desert.

Peter Kinge arrived and amusingly sat under the 'put all rubbish in the bins provided' sign. He is keen to join Mengo on a trip abroad and asked to be contacted on 07838 200414 when we plan our 2012 adventure.
Brewery Beer %
Bank Top Dark Mild 4.0
Titanic Steerage Bitter 3.5
York Guzzler 3.6
Burton Bridge Golden Delicious 3.8
Lymestone Stone Faced 4.0
Elland Best Bitter 4.0
Skinners Heligan Honey 4.0
Phoenix Arizona 4.1
Banks and Taylor Golden Fox 4.1
Naylors Pinnacle Blonde 4.3
Triple fff Hallelujah 4.2

Attended by:-

PV, KS, JB, FN, KOC, PC, RN and TM (with MV for lunch)