Hale Village Green, SU842 489

Saturday 2 July 2011

The beer tent (or as Mike likes to put it - Festival) opened up at 2.00 pm and shortly thereafter Mengo had gathered in strength. After settling at the two tables purloined by ROC the beer list was scrutinised and the first round purchased. After this initial selection the kitty was formed and choice/ordering done by PV. This was complicated by the first round selections and JG insistence on only drinking the mild or porter. Indeed the first round went wrong with an over order of a half which was donated to Wilko who happened past at the right moment. Fortunately no further mistakes were made as excess expenditure was deducted from PV's share of the kitty remnants.

The first hour's conversation was continuously interrupted by the loud drumbeats emanating from the stage next door. Eventually the Drumheads & Matt Dean Drummers buggered off and relative peace descended on the drinkers. The next band up - the father and son duo NRG - played 70 to 90's pop rather well and was much more appreciated by the beer tent crowd.

Many visitors passed by our tables - Wilko, Jem & Satan, Shredder, Flo & Mick, Chris, Reg, Paul & Suzy and finally Spud & Craig - all adding to the enjoyment of the day.

But this was not all about socialising; we were also here for the beer. Mike had put together a varied list including a possible first time brewery for Mengo - Hopping Mad from Buckinghamshire. The sad thing is despite all his best efforts at diversity the beer of the day was Sharp's Doom Bar. And of course it would not have been a Mike list if one of the beers had not been masquerading as something else - the Blondie had not turned up and was replaced by Devon Dew.

Brewery Beer %
Green Jack Albion Mild 3.8
Hammerpot Shooting Star 3.8
Banks & Taylor Midsummer Ale 3.5
Dark Star Hophead 3.8
Mauldon Peggotty Porter 4.1
Shardlow Golden Hop 4.1
Moles Mole in One 4.3
Buntingford June 4.2
Sharp's Doom Bar 4.0
Hopping Mad Brainstorm 4.3
Summerskills Blondie (actually Devon Dew) 4.7
Banks & Taylor Glider 4.8

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