Kings Meadow, Reading SU 720 739

Thursday 30 April 2009

The two large ones again decided to try the opening evening of the festival and arrived in Reading with plenty of time before the 4.30 kick off to get the pasties in. Indeed, they were so early that when the rain came they decided to have a coffee instead of queuing. They delayed going to the festival site until the opening time with the result they ended up at the back of the only queue of the evening.

No matter, they were soon enough sampling the German draughts brought along by Olaf. Disappointingly, Olaf had decided to only make available this session six of the two-dozen draughts advertised. Surprisingly, two of them were Bock beers. The bottled selection would call later on.

Before then, PV had to get hold of a tool to help out a couple of young ladies on an adjacent table. He managed to borrow some pliers from Paul Travis (at Beer Inn Print) and hammer in the protruding nail.

ROC’s ex work colleagues slowly drifted in. One decided to make a start with the recommended Ascot Ales Anastasia’s Stout. Hoping for the ‘normal’ Exile variety, he ended up with the Imperial version, which at 8% was very reminiscent of a Courage beer that also carried the title.

With the foreign beer bar, Paul’s stall and the toilets all located near the entrance, there was little reason to venture far. And, apart from an abortive attempt to get some Zero Degrees Franconia Country Style, we didn’t.

The time went quickly with ROC chatting away with the Vodafone crowd and PV picking his way through the beer list. Soon it was time for the train home and the final pastie.

Draught beers tried (Olaf’s choice) were

Brewery Beer %
Andechser Weissbier 5.5
Augustiner Hell 5.2
Beck Brau Dunkel 5.2
Keesmann Herren Pils 4.6
Schlenkerla Rauchbier Urbock 6.5
Tegernsee Doppelbock Dunkel ‘Quirinus’ 7.5

Bottled beers tried (our choice) were
Brewery Beer %
Irlbacher Festbier 5.6
Kitzmann Wintergold 5.9
Lausitzer Dunkel Porter 4.3
Monchshof Festbier 5.6
Pyraser Pils 4.9
Wolfhoher Weihnachtsfestbier 5.6

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