FA Cup, in search of Apache Rose Peacock or MG's 2nd day out.


Saturday 30 May 2009

With the brains of MENGO on their summer holidays and the rest of us wanting to use the weekend to good effect we embarked on a day out and all had different goals:

KO - Wanted to watch Chelsea, so a TV was required
RO - Wanted Apache Rose Peacock, so a Triple f pub was required
MG - Had a free pass for the weekend so anything would do
DF - Had some free sandwiches so took them for a walk
CO and RN not sure but they tagged along
NT - Just finished a shift, it was a nice day for some Apache Rose Peacock and some mild.

Report from Salzburg - wet, wet, wet
Report from Alton - hot, hot, hot

Neil was at Aldershot doing his duty and just had a minute to hear where we were off to for the day, Next thing the badge has gone and he is sitting chatting with us, yes the call of Triple f Apache Rose Peacock was too much and as it was the end of his shift he made the correct decision and I believe he enjoyed himself on his first trip out with MENGO Drinking.

The decision was made to hit the Railway Arms to see if they still had a TV in the back. no joy there, no TV, very busy and it looked like some function just winding down. All was not lost as the real reason was to slip in two pints of Apache RP before we headed off to find a TV. Still loads of time before kick off.

Brewery Beer %
Triple f Apache Rose Peacock 4.2
Triple f Moondance 4.2
Triple f Alton Pride 3.8
Triple f Stairway to Heaven -
Triple f Pressed Rat and Warthog -
Isle of Purbeck Solar Power 4.3

We had to leave and find a TV. Where next the Eight Bells had a TV many moons back and always a good selection of beer, always top notch. A pleasant walk along the back roads and round the corner and yes the barmaid turned on the TV, as we were the only people in the back room we looked at the beer list and settled down for a pleasant chat and the normal FA cup hype, all very good. The beer was excellent and just the right amount before we headed back to the Railway Arms, KO was happy.

Brewery Beer %
Bowman Swiftone 3.8
Sharps Doombar 4.0
Ballards Best 4.2
Botherwick Skew Ale 4.6
Stonehenge Spire Ale 3.8

The result was:
Telly: Yes
People: No
Chelsea: 2
Everton: 1

All very good, back to the Railway Arms for a quick Apache (plus carry out) and the train back. A few of us hit the Garden Gate a normal close to a Saturday afternoon and I never saw DF's sandwiches.

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