Date: 31 August 2011 The Curse of The Ship

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The last time we attempted to visit The Ship, PV came off his bike and joined ROC in Frimley Park Hospital. KOC and TM stayed with PV in A&E until MV arrived which delayed not only their visit to ROC but also their arrival at The Ship. FN waited at the pub before getting fed up being 'no mates' and headed home. Would we fare any better this time?

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White Hart Frimley GU16 7HU
This really large Taylor Walker tie has recently been sympathetically refurbished. The dive we remembered was long gone. Although the beers were rather cold they tasted fine once they had warmed a bit.
Youngs Bitter 3.7 3.12 3.0 Nice when warmed
Fuller's London Pride 4.1 3.32 - Not tried
Wells Bombardier 4.3 3.22 3.0 Not remembered

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Railway Arms Frimley GU16 7JE
A traditional local which still maintains separate Public and Saloon bars. Also had a traditional local barmaid. The beers were in pretty good nick and included the rarely seen (in this area) Youngs Special.
Sharp's Doom Bar 4.0 3.15 3.0 Better than most examples
Youngs Special 4.5 3.25 3.0 Its not Jaipur IPA but not bad

Then across the roundabout to The Ship. ROC and KOC went via the A331 slip road while PV and FN followed the cycle route signs to Farnborough. Then the curse struck - ROC came off his bike. Not only that the pub was shut! As was The Imperial Arms!

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Prince of Wales Farnborough GU14 8AL
As expected all the beers tried were in excellent condition. So with nothing further to say about the beer attention turned to the barmaids. The question deliberated - was the barmaid in the long dress sans panties or thong-ing along. In the end we thought she just had on a big pair of knickers. The other barmaid just had a nice pair. Peter informed us the beers for this years beer festival would be coming from Shropshire and surrounding counties.
West Berkshire Maggs Mild 3.8 3.20 3.5 A favourite among milds
Dark Star Hophead 3.8 3.15 3.5 Just a favourite
Langham Halfway to Heave 3.5 3.15 - Not tried
Andwells Gold Muddler 3.8 2.80 - Beer of the month
Flack Manor Flack Catcher 4.4 3.30 3.5 Well received by all
Ramsgate Gadds No.5 4.4 3.30 4.0 Nice slightly burnt taste