Godalming, GU7 1EL

Saturday 3 April 2010

PV and MV had made the same mistake as last year and agreed to lead a walk on the Easter Saturday. However, this time it was only just down the road and they managed to finish the walk and get to the pub along with Flo and Mick around one.

FN followed shortly afterwards and headed off to the beer tent where he meet up with Clive from Bracknell. A true Mengo supporter, Clive had looked up our whereabouts on the site and decided to join us at the Star. PC and RN arrived shortly after two whilst ROC got in a few minutes later having got lost on the way from the station. Of the two missing regulars, KOC was fixated by the Man U v Chelski fixture and TM was Up North.

Enough about whereabouts, what about the beer? Well, the theme of this festival was West Country Ales and we were treated to twenty nine brews from sixteen breweries. Although the Cotswold Spring Gloucester Glory had already gone there were four others from this excellent brewery with Natural Beauty winning this particular pageant. There were a few black beers to tickle FN’s fancy but he lost his heart to the Bristol Beer Factory Milk Stout: those who tried it agreed it was an exceptionally smooth beer with a taste of the past.

As usual you wait all afternoon for a SHB CAMRA Chairman and then two (ex) turn up. After visiting a few pubs along the way, the bus boys from Woking had eventually arrived. But as Mengo were just heading off to the station there was no time for a chat.

Although there was no Phil in the Tent this time, there was a good selection of beer and some excellent bollocks talked which led to a very pleasant afternoon. And there was no rain, hail or snow!

Brewery Beer %
Cotswold Spring Old English Rose 4.0
Cotswold Spring Codrington Codger 4.2
Cotswold Spring Natural Beauty 4.4
Bristol Beer Factory Milk Stout 4.5
Cotleigh Golden Sea Hawk 4.2
Teignworthy Spring Tide 4.3
Branscombe Vale Drayman’s Ale 4.2
Bays Breaker 4.7
Avon Gurt Lush 4.5
Blue Anchor Spingo Ales Jubilee IPA 4.6
South Hams Eddystone 4.8

Attended by:-
PV, FN, PC, RN and ROC with guest Clive