Railway Hotel, DT11 7EX

Monday 3rd May 2010

With a window of opportunity (May bank holiday) KO went south, getting the old lucky paddle out and meeting up with the Amazon crew.

He left the normal suspects to look after themselves on the Sunday after a large lunch. The two of them caused havoc in Upper Hale, head butting beams to the amusement of the Sunday afternoon crowd, getting lost and failing over up Hungry Hill. This was put down to the bad state of the beers tried during the day. Does not bode well for the start of the bike season.

Anyway back to KO.

Sunday past and on Monday as a good tour guide Jurgen said lets all go to Blandford Georgian Fayre and for KO and Pat there may be a beer festival in one or more of the pubs.

KO and Pat were left in the pub (no change there) while the rest went their separate ways. The locals made them feel at home and they soon got into the beer list (59) excessive you may say but it is a pub.

I had to get a verbal report from KO and a few things stood out:
1. The landlord could not get the really local beer ( a few doors away) something about being tied?
2. Jurgen was driving so had a pint of Fosters (strange for German)
3. The list of beers is the ones Pat had (sorry both of them).
4. KO purchased 2 festival glasses. One for PV to add to the West End glass mountain.

Brewery Beer %
Bowman Wallops Wood 4.0
Flowerpots IPA 6.0
Itchen Valley Green Jackets 4.3
Yates Wight Old Ale 6.0
Hopback Taiphoon 4.5
Ramsbury Gold 4.5

Attended by:-
KO and Pat