Village Hall, Selborne, SU742 336

Saturday 3 October 2009

For the fifth annual festival, the organisers decided to extend the festivities by adding Friday evening to the usual Saturday and Sunday. The result of the early opening was they run out of this year’s glass by Saturday lunchtime. Still as the only difference was the colour of the logo, it did not matter you got one of the earlier year’s versions. As before the festival was spread over three venues: the Village Hall, The Selborne Arms and The Queens.

PV and MV were joined by Flo and Mick for the pre festival walk and afterwards adjourned to The Selborne Arms for lunch. Both the walk and the lunch were very pleasant.

The usual suspects, Ken, Jem and Satan had already arrived and were well into the beer list. The recommendation was for the Hopback English Hop Medley and it did not disappoint; a delightful hoppy beer.

On one of PV’s frequent visits to the hall for a beer, the rest of Mengo turned up. After a few in the hall they joined PV and MV in the Selborne Arms but were soon off to the Queens. However, the beer list did not offer sufficient to keep them interested and after using their final tokens there they went back to Aldershot and the home comforts of the GG.

Brewery Beer %
Hammerpot Red Hunter 4.3
Hopback English Hop Medley 4.0
Langham Sundowner 4.2
Palmers Dorset Gold 4.5
Suthwyck Skew Sunshine Ale 4.6
Downton German Pale Ale 4.2
Flowerpots Perridge Pale 3.6
Goddards Duck’s Folly 5.2
Hammerpot Bottle Wreck Porter 4.7
Hammerpot Woodcote 4.5

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