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Tuesday 4 August 2009

PV and ROC travelled up separately but managed to arrive at the Bieres sans Frontieres bar at much the same time. After getting their bearings and quenching their thirst, they were just about to go in search of Mike from B&T when he sailed past. There was just time to buy him a beer in thanks for the trade tickets before adjourning to the stage area for the Champion Beers of Britain results. Nothing for B&T but Surreys Hills and fff again picked up some awards.

We managed to get some seats near the BSF bar and were joined by Harvey who was over from New York. He had a season ticket to the festival and was looking forward to calling in a few times as well as visiting some London pubs.

Thereafter the afternoon took its normal course, working our way through the German draught beers supplied by Olaf. The choice seemed even larger this year with perhaps the Mahrs Ungespundet Kellerbier the pick of an excellent bunch. We left after trying the Beckator, a knee trembling 8.6% Bock.

But where were DF and friend? Nowhere to be seen.

Brewery Beer %
Augustiner Helles Lagerbier 5.2
Beck Brau Lisberger Lager 4.8
Beck Brau Pils 5
Beck Brau Beckator 8.6
Braustelle Alt (Unfiltered) 4.6
Braustelle Kolsch (Unfiltered) 4.8
Josef Grief Annafestbier 5.5
Karg Dunkel Weisse 5.2
Keesmann Herren Pils 4.5
Kneitinger Edel Pils 5.2
Mahrs Ungespundet Kellerbier 5.2
Neder Schwarze Anna 5.2
Tegernsee Helles 4.8

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Saturday 8 August 2009

Six travelled up by train with COC replacing ROC as a late substitute. At Clapham, those in the know followed PV to platform 2 and the first available train to West Brompton. The rest went for a cup of tea and got to the festival a little later.
Arriving a little after midday, the BSF bar was already busy as customers sought out something to drink as the British beers rapidly disappeared. Despite the crowd around the German and Czech bar one still insisted on only drinking from there, while some of the brave ventured to the Belgian and Dutch bar. And you had to be brave to try the Montegioco Mummia from Italy; a blond sour ale aged in a wine barrel then re-fermented with wine yeast! Gueuze by any other name.
We managed to find room on a table occupied by a couple of Yorkshiremen. They were actually quite nice to talk to and well versed in continental beer.

Brewery Beer %
Augustiner Edelstoff 5.4
Beck Brau Kellerbier 5.3
Fruh Kolsch 4.8
Keesmann Herren Pils 4.5
Lowenbrau Buttenheim Kellerbier 4.9
Neder St. Anna Festbier 5.6
Reissdorf Kolsch 4.9
Trunk Dunkel 5.2
Trunk Bio-Weisse 5.0
Uerige Alt 4.8

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