Alton Maltings Centre, GU34 1DT

4 June 2011

For this final beer festival at the Maltings, Peter and Ysanne had gathered together a beer list comprising a few gems amongst the tried and tested favourites. The stand out had to be the draught Worthington White Shield IPA, free courtesy of a friend working for Molson Coors at their Alton brewery.

The Mengo attendees arrived piecemeal through the opening hour, whereas Jem and Satan together with TC and friends were available to sample from the start.

Mike, Lesley and the B&T crew were about as were Peter Kinge (twice in one week is too much) and Ken. Indeed, you could not move without getting bumped into by someone you knew.

The music was provided by Beat Route whose classic pop and rock covers was very entertaining. The choir for their intermission was a bit of a shock and perplexedly received by the punters.

Eventually, PV succumbed and engaged in beer guessing with Mike. It proved impossible to guess the beer Mike mixed with B&T Black Dragon Mild, mainly because he could not remember which one it was himself - Wallops Wood or Fagins?

After the festival, some headed off for The Railway Arms, whereas a couple realised they had had enough and caught the train home.
Brewery Beer %
Oakleaf Some Are Drinking 3.9
Hop Back Flint Knapper 3.8
Banks and Taylor Born Free 4.0
Downton New Forest Ale 3.8
Downton Apple Blossom Ale 4.3
Triple fff Apache Rose Peacock 4.2
Upham Nectar 3.8
Rebellion Blonde 4.3
Flowerpots Flowerpots Bitter 3.8
Otter Otter Bright 4.3
Upham Stakes Ale 4.6
Worthington White Shield IPA 5.6
Banks and Taylor Mike's Mix -
Dark Star Festival 5.0

Attended by:-

PV, ROC, PC and TM (KOC was at the Excelsior Club Committee meeting)