Alton Maltings Centre, GU34 1DT

Saturday 5 February 2011

The 2011 festival season kicked off with virtually all the usual suspects (apart from RN). PV met the ticket seeking SH on the train at Farnham and obtained the required permit from Mike, who was accompanied by Lesley and a couple of the locals from The Alfred.
On arrival, Jem and Satan were already getting stuck into the beer list. PV and SH joined them for a while until the rest of Mengo drifted in. The group was completed by the entertaining, if unexpected, arrival of Shredder.

Peter and Ysanne's aim of making Alton the first no glass festival had now been achieved, even though there were a few spare for those who forgot to bring one; naming no names eh SH. The free beer available to those who did remember was now limited to a half of Alton's Pride rather than a selection from the lower gravity beers on offer.

The beer list was its normal safe self with only a couple of unheard of beers to tickle the tickers fancy. This did not stop Mike from picking a beer to stump PV; but then who would manage to guess the beer was a mixture of Hophead and Dragon's Gold! It was not bad either, but not as good as the unlisted replacement from Beerworks - Dr. Morton's Cat-a-Tonic. The worse tried by PV was undoubtedly the Binghams Brickwork Bitter - such a shame as this was a new brewery choice for this festival.

Brewery Beer %
Banks and Taylor Black Squirrel 3.9
Banks and Taylor Dragon's Gold 5.2
Banks and Taylor Golden Fox 4.1
Beerworks Dr. Morton's Cat-a-Tonic 4.1
Binghams Brickwork Bitter 4.2
Dark Star American Pale Ale 4.7
Dark Star Winter Meltdown 5.0
Hop Back Brewer's Challenge 4.3
Rebellion Three Sheets 4.3
Roosters Leghorn 4.3
Skinners Ginger Tosser 3.8
Triple fff Alton's Pride 3.8

After the festival it was off into Alton. PV and TM tried The Kings Head, where they came across Ken, then The Eight Bells, where Jem, Satan, Steve and Shredder had ended up, before arriving at The Railway Arms and the rest of Mengo.

Attended by:-
PV, SH, ROC, KOC, PC, TM, MG and JG along with Shredder