Alton Maltings, SU 718 391

Saturday 5 June 2010

Of course no glass no free beer, this happens every year, no PV, TM or PC this year does not happen very often.

Peter Paul and Mary’s Brother were on the stage and as good as when I first heard them playing the good old IRA songs (20 odd years ago), yes it is Alton.

The best was the Banks & Taylor shed a new bar in Alton which meant you could stay in the sun and talk to Brewer Mike D and the rest of Hale crowd all day long.

TC and some mates turned up and they spent some time in the food queue, of course TC had warned them but at their age who listens. They were Mick, Joe and Simon (beach hut fame) and we soon got into deep conversation with the Bishops Waltham aka Bunch of Grapes crew and where to get a cheap beer.

Rounds of Scottish pipes and the Brothers playing the beers were very good and then the choice came to purchase more tickets or head up the Railway Arms for some Apache Rose Peacock, a no brainer.

Bad news no Apache Rose Peacock at least I had a half to start the day with at the festival. The rest of the crew turned up and a few pints of Alton pride went down well, the train home seemed very quick. MG headed up the Garden Gate and put a pint on the bar for me. Of course I headed straight home the Alton Pride (probably the best of the year) had done its job.
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