Alton, GU34 2DA

Saturday 5 September 2009

Mengo arrived in drips and drabs but not so far spread out that anyone ended up behind drinking. There were a few drinkers about this session including Jem and Satan who were calling here first before going on to The Cedars Beer Festival. Last year they had called in at The Cedars on the way to Alton and after a session at The Eight Bells returned to Binsted for another helping. This excess had resulted in Satan’s unplanned visit to a field on the bike back to Lindford and they were trying to avoid a repartition. Ken also called in and was able to admire the new Mengo logo; the one which he had failed to choose last time.

In fact the only person not present but expected to be there was the landlord. Phil had apparently scheduled the festival, ordered the beers and then promptly buggered off on holiday to Hawaii. No change in attitude there then.

What was different was the production of a printed list negating the need to write down the record of beers tried. There were seventeen beers available and as usual the ordering was by number. Unfortunately, despite the choice available, the actual selection of beers was rather disappointing. Never mind, the two new Flowerpots beers were available and The Old Mill Brewery Nellie Dene provided a refreshing start.

A little dazed and confused it was then it was off to The Railway Arms for either some Dazed and Confused, Hophead or Oakleaf Maypole Mild before catching the train back to Aldershot and the delights of The Garden Gate.

All beers were £2.60 a pint and those tried were in good condition although some found the Arundel Bull’s Eye somewhat difficult to stomach.

Brewery Beer %
Ballard’s Best 4.2
Stonehenge Spire Ale 3.8
Sharps Special 5.2
Bowman South Sea Spice 3.9
Flowerpots Perridge 3.6
Flowerpots Bloomers 4.0
Ballard’s Golden Bine 4.2
Old Mill Brewery Nellie Dene 3.6
Arundel Sussex Mild 3.7
Arundel Bull’s Eye 5.0
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