Earls Court Centre, SW5 9TA

Saturday 6 August 2011

Walking through the venue it was obvious most of the British bars had already sold out. Not good news as it meant there would be extra pressure on the German/Czech bar where we were headed. And, despite the early hour (just after noon), it was already busy.

Still, JA, who had used a Boris Bike to get here from his hotel, had managed to get a table nearby and we settled down to view the delights Olaf had provided this year. To be honest the German draught list was little different from previous years. Not that we cared - the stuff was German after all.

Most started and stayed on the draught but PC decided bottled was the route and opened up with Lang Brau Erotik Bier (5.5%) - the nude on the bottle top blatantly illustrating the name. Meanwhile TM so enjoyed the Augustiner Edelstoff (5.6%) he had another one.

This year there were many more Czech draught beers available and PV and ROC decided to try one from Tambor. It wasn't bad but it wasn't German either and they swiftly moved back across the border.

A few acquaintances strolled past but there was no sign of KOC's old Parcel Force mates (a rump from the coach trip he used to organise) and so he disappeared for some time trying to find them. PC of course kept disappearing to play the various Tombola stalls, returning at intervals with his latest prizes.

Around 3.00 pm the German draught beers started disappearing at a rapid rate which resulted in PV/ROC having the same beer twice and ultimately resorting to a bottled beer - not that bottled Augustiner Maibock (7.0%) was too much of a hardship.

But with the beer running out it was time to go. For most of us that is - TM stayed on with JA and we left them with Nellie and Mel.
Brewery Beer %
Grief Helles 4.9
Reissdorf Kolsch 4.8
Tambor Kvasnicovy Svetly Lezak 4.5
Trunk Bio-Weisse 5.0
Augustiner Lagerbier Hell 5.2
ndechser Vollbier Hell 4.9
Lowenbrau (Buttenheim) Anna Festbier 5.8
Lowenbrau Anna Festbier 5.8
Augustiner Maibok (Heller Bock) 7.0

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