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Saturday 7 August 2010

Four (ROC, PV, PC and TM) set off on the early train and arrived at the festival at 11.20 am, where our correspondent from the North, JA, had bagged us a large table near Bieres Sans Frontieres bar. Just what we wanted, as we intended to be German for the afternoon.

Olaf had gathered together his usual excellent selection of beers, including some from the Braustelle brew pub in Köln. ROC was immediately attracted to these unfiltered beers, while after the obligatory Kolsch, PV set off for Bavaria.

RN and KOC pitched up an hour later. The reason for their delayed start was never satisfactorily explained.

The afternoon went the normal way with talk centring on JA’s trip to Glastonbury in a camper van whose electricity failed after a day. Still there was a real ale tent to take his mind off being sans shower.

As the real ale availability dwindled, the crowds around the foreign beer increased. As regular Saturday attendees, this was not unexpected and had been planned for with our departure at four.

The beers were excellent, the only problem coming with the Josef Greif Weisse, which could have actually been Andechser Weissbier. They may have forgotten to swap the label on the font when they changed the barrel!

Brewery Beer %
Muhlen Kolsch 4.8
Tegernsee Hell 4.8
Lowenbrau Buttenheim Kellerbier 4.9
Schlenkerla Helles Lagerbier 4.3
Kneitinger Edel Pils 5.2
Josef Greif Anna Festbier 5.5
Trunk Dunkel 5.2
Josef Greif Weisse 5.4
Andechser Weissbier 4.9
Augustiner Dunkel 5.6
Neder St. Anna Festbier 5.6
Augustiner Edelstoff 5.4
Tegernsee Special 5.7

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