Date: 8 June 2011 Then There Were Three (Genesis 19:78)

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Yes, with TM 'tired' after his Berlin extravaganza and ROC in Glasgow again, this year it was indeed just three A'Mengos who set off to by train to Wanborough and onwards cycle to Wood Street.

PubLocationOS Map RefWhite Hart Wood Street Village GU3 3DZ CommentHaving been shut on last years visit to Wood Street, we at last got a look at this revamped pub. Well, not a real pub but a smart and comfortable gastro variant complete with a sofas and armchairs. It had a relaxing atmosphere. The bar manager was unsure of the quality of the beer selected and on review decided to change the barrel. The result was a rather good example of Andwell Spring Twist which, with its pronounced citrus taste, hit the right spot after the cycle from the station.
Andwell Spring Twist 4.2 3.30 3.5 Good refreshing light beer
Fuller's London Pride 4.1 3.30 - Not tried

PubLocationOS Map Ref
Royal Oak Wood Street Village GU3 3DA
As it turns out Quiz Night is the first Wednesday of the month, we were not required to help out the Witches of Eastwick. However, we did briefly meet one of the team before she set off home. This left, well, Mike the barman (who KOC insulted about his weight), us and one other punter (hiding behind a pillar). This did give us an opportunity to have a chat with Mike and find out this was the first place to try the new beer from Surrey Hills - Greensand IPA. It had the typical Surrey Hills taste which made it seem like just a stronger version of Shere Drop. Of course, this is no bad thing. There was also time for Mike to hunt out an old photo of the pub, which showed it was originally a four square Georgian building. The original did look more aesthetically pleasing than the current structure.
Hammerpot Vinery Mild 3.4 3.20 4.0 Weak but tasty
Ballard's Golden Bine 3.8 3.30 4.0 Not to PV's taste
Surrey Hills Shere Drop 4.2 3.30 4.0 Good standard best
Salopian Oracle 4.0 3.30 4.0 Absolute stunner
Surrey Hills Greensand IPA 4.6 3.30 4.0 Deceptively smooth

Then onto the bikes for the entertaining, if sometimes scary, ride through the woods back to the station. Mind them potholes KOC!