Ash, GU12 6BT

Saturday 9 April 2011

Does a pub need to put on a certain number of non regular beers in order to call the event a 'beer festival'? This is the question which arose when we turned up at the pub to find only four extra beers, all from Hogs Back, constituted this festival.

On the plus side:-
- They were on a separate stillage in an outside bar.
- It was not crowded; in fact only Mengo (which now includes Jem and Satan) had turned up this Saturday afternoon.
- Two other beers were available in the pub.

On the other side:-
- There were ONLY four additional beers.
- They were all from Hogs Back.
- Real ale pubs all over the country have many more beers available as their regular stock.
- One of the beers in the pub was not in the best of condition.

That aside, it was a lovely spring day and we only wanted a few tasters so that we could head back to the GG in plenty of time for The Grand National.

So really, it suited our plans admirably.

After settling in, Mike the landlord visited. He had been spying on us via CCTV from his bungalow and our antics looked more interesting than the football he had been watching. Seemed quite keen to hear our views on real ale and in particular whether to stock TEA as a regular beer - we thought it was rather too readily available locally and suggested he took their seasonal offering instead. Suggested we phone ahead on our Wednesday bike survey to see if there was any real available that day to avoid the disappointments of the past.

Brewery Beer %
Hogs Back HBB 3.7
Hogs Back Spring Ale 4.0
Hogs Back TEA 4.2
Hogs Back HOP 4.6
Black Sheep Best Bitter 3.8
Wychwood Hobgoblin 4.5

So was it a beer festival? PV was just glad he had visited the Royal Oak, Wood Street, beforehand.

Attended by:-
Jem, Satan, PV, TM, PC, RN, ROC, MG and KOC