Alton Maltings, SU 718 391

Saturday 6 June 2009

As has become the norm with this festival, the members of Mengo arrived at varying times:-
TC was there from the start with Simon.
PV arrived with Mike and Leslie from B & T aiming to avoid the queue.
The rest arrived sometime after midday and played catch up.

As the festival was being held on the 65th anniversary of the D-Day landings, the organisers, Peter and Ysanne, had asked Mike to brew a special festival beer in commemoration. With his father having been involved in the landings serving on a Motor Torpedo Boat he came up with a 4.4% beer named MTB 227 in honour. Very nice it was to.

The festival was very enjoyable even though some thought the beer list a little unexciting. With all beers at £2.00 a pint, the admission price of £6.00 soon became diluted (PV’s drinking averaged out at £2.50 a pint) and this remains one of the better value local festivals.

Afterwards it was up The Railway Arms for a couple before the train back to Aldershot and the customary finish at The Garden Gate.

It proved a pub too far for someone’s knee.

Attended by:-

Brewery Beer %
Banks and Taylor Golden Fox 4.1
Banks and Taylor MTB 227 4.4
Banks and Taylor Dragon Slayer 4.5
Blindmans Golden Spring 4.0
Bowman’s Ales Southsea Spice 3.9
Box Steam Rev. Awdry’s Ale 3.8
Downton Honey Blonde 4.3
Flowerpots Pots Black 3.2
Oakleaf I can’t believe it’s not bitter 4.9
Stonehenge Eye Opener 3.8
Surrey Hills Shere Drop 4.2
Triple fff Apache Rose Peacock 4.2
Yeovil Star Gazer 4.0