Date: 17 July 2013

One man on his pop pop!

Sampled by:

PV, ROC, KOC & TM (RN at Hen & Chicken)

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Anchor Inn

Lower Froyle

GU34 4NA


This pub remains very popular with the dining set with most on this warm evening enjoying their meals al fresco on the rear patio. We were lucky enough to grab a trestle table out front to enjoy a refreshing beer after our ride from Bentley station. RN arrived on his scooter but missed out on a beer here.

Brewer beer % Price Mark Comment
Bowman Swift One 3.8 3.20 3.5 TM – not as refreshing as hoped
Triple fff Alton's Pride 3.8 3.20 Not tried
Triple fff Ramble Table 5.0 3.40 Not tried

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Hen & Chicken

Upper Froyle

GU34 4JH


The interior was extremely hot and with all the terrace tables taken we resorted to standing. The rest of the customers must have been using the beer garden although a few brave souls were eating their meals inside the sauna. After his refresher RN set off home while the cyclists headed off down the old London Road.

Brewer beer % Price Mark Comment
Hall & Woodhouse Badger 4.0 3.45 3 Traditional and enjoyed
Hall & Woodhouse Tanglefoot 4.9 3.75 Not tried
King & Barns Sussex 3.5 3.45 3

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Queens Head


GU34 4EG


The landlady remembered us from previous years and provided her usual excellent service. After we all choose ‘Le Peloton’ (after all Frome was in the lead of the 100th Tour de France), she gave us a taster of Hogs Back English Summer Ale. Very nice it was too.

Brewer beer % Price Mark Comment
Brains Le Peloton 4.0 3.40 3.5 Refreshing golden beer
Hogs BAck English Summer Ale 3.9 3.40 3.5 V good – brewery back on form
Hardy & Hansons Olde Trip 4.3 3.40 Not tried

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Railway Arms


Gu34 2RB


There were very few people inside the pub and none sitting on the front benches – perhaps they were in the back garden. Best beer of the night with the Out of the Ashes going down particularly well. Seems this is Ramble Tamble but with the usual hops replaced by Australian varieties. PV was happy – got a Dark Star never tried before.

Brewer beer % Price Mark Comment
Triple fff Altons's Pride 3.8 2.90 3.5 ROC’s pride and joy
Triple fff Moondance 4.2 3.00 Not tried
Triple fff Citra Sonic 4.1 3.00 3.5 Not surprisingly – bags of citrus flavour
Triple fff Out of the Ashes 5.0 3.10 3.5 Australian hopped Ramble Tamble
Dark Star Red Shift 5.5 3.30 3.5 Gorgeous