Godalming West Country Ale Festival

Godalming, GU7 1PE
Saturday 30th March 2013

As we missed Gunner’s day out due to snow, sprains etc. and after talking to MG it was planned to catch the 13:08 to Guildford.
So who did not make it MG of course! Some lame excuse about working? KO had been stitched up like a kipper by the excelsior boys (so club watching). They missed the theme of the day West Country Ales.

Four of us on the train and cheap tickets great, these were needed as all the revenue boys were working over the weekend. 30 minute wait at Guildford no real problem and a shot walk to the Star. Packed to the rafters as normal it was very cold outside. While we headed for the tent ready to brave the arctic winds and the Beast from the East but luck would have it our early bird FN grabbed a very nice table inside the dining room. He was sitting there in his shirt sleeves plus thermal vest!

With both PV and MV plus (don’t mention the dog) we settled down to work our way through the selection of cold beers. All very strong so we went for it and real men went for the black stuff.

Brewery Beer %
Exmoor Stag 5.2
Teignworth Pippa's Pint 4.7
Coastal Poseidon 4.7
Coastal Cornish Porter 5.3
The Forge Brewery (HArtland) IPA 4.5

Attended by:-
FN, PV, MV, PC, TM, RN and RO