The Good Intent Festival

Puttenham, GU3 1AR
Saturday 25th May 2013

I arrived after a pleasant cycle along from Seale. Initially it did not look like a good selection of beer but I am sure what was available was tasted.

The first team Satin, Gem FN, PV, MV and the dog all that was missing were the two kids running riot. They had grabbed a table and I soon was sat with them talking of beer and other things. I was just too late for the Glencoe Wild Oat Organic Stout, must be done if there is no black stuff on offer. Puttenham did not cater for the old boy’s tastes.

For a change I decided to hit the Hog Roast soon joined by FN we all agreed it was very nice. Lucky for me while getting my ticket in the pub I met an old work college of mine, yes him and the wife plus the two kids and the dog they had just walked over from Guildford were they lived.

Around my second haft the rest of Mengo turned up yes KO travel had a full one PC, RN, TM and Shredder so the noise level went up and the kids went into hiding. Shredder was back on form still lifting cranes or will be soon.

I soon went through my list and as I had a long journey back I was off.

The rest planned to have a few more and then hit the Garden Gate for a couple before the Football kicked off, at least one German team won.

Brewery Beer %

Attended by:-
PV, MV, Satan Gem, FN, RO, KO, PC, RN, TM and Shredder