Cricketers Beer Festival

Farnham, GU9 9LU
Sunday 25th August 2013

It had to be done, PV was dog walking and picked me up on the way. He had earlier met JG loitering on a corner and mentioned the beer festival. MG and JG were sitting in the bar when we arrived.

The tokens were purchased and with no beer list available (one of the bar staff did make a good effort and get a list of the beers that were outside) we hit two halves at the bar. Then joined the two gunners.

The next selection was from outside with the food, the venison burgers looked very good and at £3.00 good value. Compare to yesterdays top notch beers these were flagging a bit, could have been due to the heat but the beers at the bar seemed to of better quality, although the pint of crop circle I finished with was very good.

The band was very good and with F1 and the Cricket on different TV’s all bases were covered. A taxi load came in from La Fontaine and many of the other drinkers from all over Aldershot.

As the afternoon went KO and TM turned up on their bikes and as they had built up a sweat decided to stay in the car park and play with Evan. PV was picked up and for a Sunday enough beer had been taken.

Brewery Beer %
Idle Brewery Idle Sod 4.2
Concertina One Eyed Jack 4.0
Skinners Cornish Knocker 4.5
B&T Dragon Slayer 4.5
Burton Bridge Stairway to Heaven 5.0
Grafters Wobble Gob 4.9
Fuller's Sticky Wicket 4.9
Old Mill Old Curiosity 4.1
Abbey Dale Deception 4.1
Marson Moor Brewers Droop 5.0
Hop MooorCrop Circle 4.9

Attended by:-
PV, RO, MG, JG, KO and TM (PC was seen around 17:30)