The Royal Oak Summer Beer Festival

Guildford, GU1 3RR
Saturday 24th August 2013

No trains this weekend Aldershot Station closed! So they laid on buses. Ours turned up on time and we were soon off. PV up front talking to the drive. The driver who was up from Portsmouth for the day. Progress was slow through Ash yes their driving skills need to be looked at. Arriving at Guildford the driver picked up one of his managers and said goodbye as he ended his shift.

Guildford as busy as ever and we were soon up the hill and behind the church. The beer list looked good and with only one barrel emptied the night before we were soon into a Notting Hill Summer 3.2% very tasty.

The Royal Oak is still a real pub and due to it being just off the beaten track the prices were very good although how two halves were priced at £3.66 and a pint at £3,65, we were soon paying £3.65.

The afternoon passed, a quick chat to the manager and PV spied a beer not on the list, so we finished with an Ossett, Silver King.

The promised rain was waiting for us and PV put on his magic rain cap? Don’t ask! A real bus waiting for us as Guildford and soon we were back in the Garden Gate to complete an afternoon of fun.

Brewery Beer %
Notting Hill Summer Moncade 3.2
Wherry Woodfordes 3.8
Jennings Sheep Thrille 3.9
Dark Munro Highland 4.0
Triple Hop Brunswick 4.0
Tenner Wold Top 4.1
Old Legover Daleside 4.1
Nettthrasher Elland 4.4
Plum Dunkelweizen Axholme 4.7
London Porter Fullers 5.4
Silver King Ossett 4.2

Attended by:-
PV, PC, RO and TM