Reading Ale House Winter Beer Festival

Reading, RG1 2BH
Saturday 2nd February 2013

After a great deal of berating TM was first at the station and was busy purchasing tickets for five when of course there were six.
Shredder had turned up. The early train got us there and the 13:23 out of North Camp and we were on our way, meeting whispering John at Sandhurst.

Soon in the Nags Head and yes Reading were at home so standing room only, but cometh the hour cometh the empty table and we manage to get our usual one and watched the sport.

The beer list as usual was stunning and we worked our way through it. The order was a bucket of whatever and a Grolsch.

Brewery Beer %
Saltaire South Island Pale 3.5
Blakemere Hit and Run 4.5
Notting Hill Blonde 4.3
Dark Star Hop Head Galaxy 3.9
Binghams Space Hoppy 5.0

Suddenly it was 16:00 and England were having a hard job against the Scots and worries about the pie shop shutting made us move. No worries we found pies are available until Ten!
Cold for some and a couple of hot ones to eat by the church. KO looked like had suffered an attack by Sea Gulls, it was only the pie content breaking out of the packet and down his front.

The Ale House was as expected very busy and we watched the rest of the Rugby on their small TV over the door, jammed together at the bar. The people were nice the bar staff their usual
stroppy self. One beer and off, although a good selection we did no fancy the crowd and the four minutes past six train was calling.

A few snacks were available on the train but had to be dragged out of TM, Shedder stuck to a tinny and the talk was of hats and the way life has changed

Brewery Beer %
Bingley Beer Factory Ambitions 3.9

The kitty was handed to the brave three heading up the Garden and the rest headed home.

Attended by:-
TM, RN, PC, RO, KO and Shredder