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and for the purists, yes the German is slightly incorrect, but what do you expect from two German girls drinking in the Garden Gate on a Saturday afternoon?

Having enjoyed British beer festivals since the first Farnham Beerex in 1977, we decided to expand our appreciation of the hop into Europe and in 1982 began our trips to the continent in search of different beers.

But where do we start? Of course, at the greatest beer festival of them all.

Munich 1982 - Paul, Ray, Kevin and Michael
Wieze 1985 - Paul, Ray, Michael and Dave
Munich 1986 - Paul, Michael and Ray
Munich 1988 - Paul and Ray
Amsterdam 1989 - Paul, Ray, Michael and Dave
Flanders 1989 - Paul and Trevor
Czchoslavia 1992 - Paul, Ray, Trevor and Dave
Rotterdam 1994 - Paul, Ray, Trevor, Dave and Kevin
Antwerp 1996 - Paul, Michael and Trevor
Geel 1998 - Paul, Ray and Terry
Gent 1999 - Paul, Ray, Frank and Terry
Bamburg 2000 - Paul, Ray, Michael, Frank, Trevor, Terry, Dave and Martin
Poperinge 2001 - Paul, Ray, Terry, Trevor, Frank, Martin, John A and Vince   2001 Beer List
Maastricht 2002 - Paul, Ray, Trevor, Terry, Kevin, Michael, John G, Dave, John A, Martin and Pete
Cologne 2003 - Paul, Ray, Frank, Terry, John A and Ron
Marbehan 2004 - Paul V, Ray, Michael, Terry, Kevin, John A, Ron and Paul C
Bamburg 2005 - Paul V, Ray, Frank, Michael, Terry, Dave, John A, Ron and Paul C   2005 Beer List
Cork 2006 - Kevin 
Zutphen 2006 - Paul V, Ray, Michael, Frank, Trevor, Dave, Kevin, Terry, John, Ron and Paul C   2006 Beer List
Cologne (Spring) 2007 - Terry and Paul C
North Rhine Westphalia 2007 - Paul V, Ray, Michael, Frank, Dave, Terry, John A, Paul C and Ron   2007 Beer List
Karlsruhe 2008 - Terrry, Paul V and Paul C. 
Charleroi, Namur and Mons 2008 - Paul V, Ray, Trevor, Kevin, Terry, Dave, John A, Michael, Paul C and Ron 
Bamburg and Upper Franconia 2008 - Paul V, Phil, Peter, Dave, Nelly, Chris, Bob, Andy and Martin
Muchen and Beyond 2009 - Paul V, Ray, Michael, Kevin, Terry, Frank, Ron, Paul C and John A.    2009 Beer List
USA 2010 - John and Lyn A.
Limburg 2010 - Paul V, Ray, Michael, Terry, Frank, Ron, Paul C and John A
Forcheim 2011 - Paul V, Ray and Neil's crew
W'Back2011 - Paul V, Paul C, John A, Ron, Frank, Michael, Kevin, Ray and Terry   2011 Beer List
Cologne 2012 - Kevin, Ray, Michael, Paul V, John A, Paul C, Trevor, John G, Ray, Ron  and Terry   2012 Beer List
Zottegem 2013 - Ray, Kevin, Terry, Michael, Frank, Paul C, Ron and John A   2013 Beer List
Amsterdam 2014 - Ray, Kevin, Terry, Michael, John G, Frank and Jonh A.
Stuttgart 2015 - Ray, Kevin, Terry, Michael, Paul V, Frank, Ron, Paul C and John A.   2015 Beer List
Antwerp 2016 - Terry, Michael, Paul V, Paul C, Ron Frank and John A.     2016 Beer List
Prague and Slany 2017 - Ray, Kevin, Terry, Michael, Paul V, Ron, Paul C and John A.    2017 Beer List
Berlin 2018 - Ron, Paul C, Kevin, Terry, Paul V, Michael, Frank, Ray and John A.
Budapest 2019 Ray, Paul V, Paul C, Kevin, Terry, Michael, Frank, John A, Ron and Charlie  2019 Photos
Covid 2020
Covid 2021
Mechelen 2022 Ray, Paul V, Paul C, Terry, Frank and John A  2022 Photos
Bamburg 2023 - Ray, Paul V, Frank, Ron, Mike D, Johm A and Graham.