Saturday 17th April 2012
Egham United Services Club, TW20
Attended by

Reg has been banging on about this festival forever and RN finally decided Mengo were going to try it. With TM ‘up North’ for Easter and beyond, the five going meet up at the station with plenty of time to buy the tickets and catch the 10.30 am train. After a slight misinterpretation of the instructions and a distinct lack of the promised signage, the walk from the station was a little longer than necessary but we eventually arrived at the Club.

Entrance was £5 (£4 for the CAMRA member) including £2 (refundable) for the festival glass. Beer was obtained by a form of ticketing new to Mengo – you ‘bought’ the quantity of beer you wanted at the bar and the receipt was counted down after each selection. The beers were available from a covered stillage in the courtyard or over the bar in the club. There were over 50 beers available over the weekend with the large chalk board indicating the status – On (in the courtyard), Bar (on in the bar), Gone (already polished off) and Blank (would be available latter). The beer cost £3 per pint using the voucher system but those in the bar could be purchased for Club prices and were cheaper for the lower gravity beers.

The beer list was very interesting with a heavy emphasise on new breweries; indeed of the 22 listed 13 only started brewing in 2011. Unfortunately a lot of the beers from these untried breweries had already gone and Mengo was unable to try anything from Two Cocks (yes all the jokes were made). Despite this, there were many new beers to try and a very enjoyable time was had doing so.

With our new found knowledge the walk back to the station was quick and despite a lapse of memory from one member, the train journey uneventful and quick enough for a visit to the GG to complete the day.

Brewer Beer %
Emsworth Fairfield 4.1
Ripple Stream Best Bitter 4.1
Hop Fuzz The American 4.0
Aylesbury Brewhouse Weigh Anchor 4.4
Hastings Blonde 3.9
Kent Spring Wheat 4.8
XT Brewing XT4 4.0
South Downs Devil’s Dyke 5.0
Canterbury Red Rye 5.6
Redchurch Hoxton Stout 6.0