36th Farnham Beerex

26th to 28th April 2012
Farnham Maltings, GU0 7QN

This report on Farnham contains a few beer list and reports from the blog..

Thursday 26th
Brewer Beer %
Coastal Hop Monster 3.7
Dancing Duck Ayup/Eyup 3.9
Milk Street Gulp 3.5
Cumbrian Legendary Dickie Doodle 3.9
Salamander Golden Salamander 4.5
Hawkshead Windermere Pale 3.5
Mighty Oak Captain Bob 3.8
Oakleaf Quintessential 4.4
Teignworthy Old Moggie 4.4
Summer Wine Teleporter 5.0
Attended by

Friday 27th
Brewer Beer %
Milk Street Zig Zag Stout 4.5
Sarah Hughes Pale Amber 4.0
Orkney Northern Light 4.0
St Austell Black Prince 4.0
Old Dairy Gold Top 4.3
Yeovil Stout Hearted 4.3
Sarah Hughes Dark Ruby 6.0
Surrey Hills Greensand IPA 4.6
Teignworthy Reel Ale 4.0
Butts Traditional 4.0
Attended by
PV and MV

Saturday 28th
Brewer Beer %
Brentwood Marvellous Maple Mild 3.7
Rudgate Battleaxe 4.2
Salopian Darwin’s Origin 4.3
Elgood’s Golden Newt 4.1
Orkney Corncrake 4.1
Houston Peter’s Well 4.2
Summer Wine Barista Espresso Stout 4.8
Brentwood Best 4.2
Bays Devon Dumpling 5.1
Ascot Alligator Ale 4.6
Attended by
PV, KOC, TM, PC, RN, ROC, JA, JG, GM and NE Jem and Satan were also about.

JA Entry 1

The passing of the years is marked in part by the Farnham Beerex weekend. The southern chaps have been going since its inception over twenty years ago but I’m a relative newcomer at around a decade.

I used to travel to Farnham early Friday morning complete with golf clubs to be met at the station by TM who would whisk me off for a game. Friday evening would be spent in the pubs of that fine town then Saturday at the 11:00 to 15:00 session at the festival, followed by long-forgotten meanderings around Farnham or Aldershot. I Have always stayed at one of my favourite hotels, the Bush. More recently I’ve travelled on Thursday afternoon and enjoyed a quieter session at the Beerex during the evening before playing golf on the Friday as always.

So now I find myself on the 15:15 departure from Leeds to London Kings Cross ready for the challenge of taking a pull-along case and a set on golf clubs on the rush hour tubes to Waterloo for the onward journey to Farnham.

JA Entry 2

Its 24 hours later and I’m sat in the Bush Hotel waiting to go and see TM prior to spending an evening in the pubs of Farnham. Since the last blog I have met up briefly with t’son who lives in London, continued the trip to Farnham, had a pleasant evening in the Farnham Beerex and then today played golf.

The Beerex seemed as busy as usual but the southern chaps and I found a quiet corner near the cellar bar. The evening was spent catching up with news and wandering around to get drinks. Those TM and I drank were, in order:
- St. Austell, Black Prince, 4.0
- Cumbrian Legendary, Dickie Doodle, 3.9
- Salopian, Shropshire Gold, 3.8
- Elgoods, Golden Newt, 4.1
- Church End, Vicar’s Ruin, 4.4
- Old Dairy, Gold Top, 4.3
- Mighty Oak, Captain Bob, 3.8

Prices were generally £1:40 per half which isn’t unreasonable. The entrance price had gone up to £10 but for the first time with a free programme as well as the glass.

Today TM and I played golf at the Four Marks Golf Club, a 9 hole pay and play course. The course was nice, the weather changeable but mostly dry and the golf good in parts and not so good at times

RO Entry 3

A normal Thursday night, good selection of beer and a catch up on what has been going on since our last time out, Trevor taking to the GLC boys, PV talking to the CAMRA boys and girls and the dog protection league. We did wonder who was going to be chipped PV or the new pooch.
MG did wonder if he would get in on a Saturday lunchtime ticket, lucky the error was noticed at Aldershot station and MG and KO only missed one train.

So another list of beers:
- Bays, Best, 3.7
- Dancing Duck, Ay Up, 3.9
- Coastal, Hop Monster, 3.7
- Milk Street, Gulp, 3.5
- Sherfield Village, Quintessential, 4.4
- Hawkshead, Windermere Pale, 3.5
- Cumbrian, Dickie Doodle, 3.7
- Beer Engine, Rail Ale, 3.8
- Old Dairy, Gold Top, 4.3
- Thornbridge, Jaipur IPA, 5.9

Attended by:
ROC, PV, TC, TM, JA, KO and MG

RO Entry 4

So our last session at Farnham Beer fest for 2012 – five had arranged to meet at Aldershot Station and purchase cheap tickets – one arrived and had to get his own.
We all met at our normal table in the back room JA turned up plus GM and NE collecting their tickets at the door and JG with the correct colour ticket arrived later. Gem and Satan turned up and the full crowd were there. Drinking the very good beer, looking at their phones to get the latest scores with relief in some areas. A few trips were made into the busy throng (yes, the rain drove the crowd inside this year) during these forays we met many of our old mates (Nellie and MC, Truin and many others) so a normal Saturday.
The change this year was to meet at Cath’s place between the Cobbett and the Lamb, not 47 as Shredder hoped but he did stand outside the back door thinking about his childhood. Burgers and 2 barrels of German beer were provided and a good couple of hours were spent in this sport.
As other guests appeared time to go but RO, KO and Shredder missed the first train so did not travel with the others.
Attended by PC, KO, RN, TM, PV, RO, JA, GM, NE and JG.

JA Entry 5

So, that’s it for another year, on the train back to Wakefield from the rather magnificent Kings Cross station. All-in-all an excellent weekend, I thought the Saturday lunchtime session at the Beerex was really good. The southern chaps found the quiet room where people came and went as the need for a top up arose and so the conversation meandered through many different subjects, none too serious. I will add my beer list later.

After the event, we made our way to ROC’s daughter’s house where beef burgers and German beer (I can’t remember what) was on offer. Most acceptable and a convivial hour or so. The proceedings were enlivened by the BBC website showing Wigan scoring one, two, three and then four goals against Newcastle without reply.

After a sojourn in the Bush Hotel I met TM for an evening in the pubs of Farnham. Pubs turned out just to be the Hop Blossom where we drank a couple of pints of Yorkshire Blonde and one of Bengal Lancer. It turned out that most of the Aldershot contingent had supped a couple of beers in their local, the Garden Gate, while I was relaxing at the hotel and so TM was in no real state to drink much. Putting TM on the 22:28 train I got back to the hotel just in time to miss Wigan on Match of the Day, one of the very few times they were first match on.

This morning TM kindly saw me off from Farnham after which I had a pleasant few hours in the big city with t’son who lives there. Sitting on the train gave me the opportunity to think back to Friday. The golf has already been described on a previous blog, but Friday evening was initially spent in the Excelsior Club where TM, KOC and I quaffed three pints of the single hand pumped beer (name not known) whilst playing snooker. Rather than go to Farnham TM and I stayed in Aldershot where we visited the White Lion (Triple FFF Brewery, Alton’s Pride, 3.8), Red Lion (Sharp’s, Doom Bar, 4.0) and Golden Lion (Fuller’s London Pride).

A great weekend.

JA Entry 6

As promised my beers from the Farnham Beerex Saturday lunchtime session were, in order:

- Arundel, Castle, 3.8
- Butts, Jester, 3.5
- Houston, Peter’s Well, 4.2
- Coastal, Hop Monster, 3.7
- Hop Back, GBF, 3.5
- Rudgate, Battleaxe, 4.2
- Orkney, Corncrake, 4.1
- Yeovil Ales, Stout Hearted, 4.3
- Houston, Tartan Terror, 4.5
- Surrey Hills, Shere Drop, 4.2