16th May - Meet the Traveller

Sampled by:
TM, KO, RO and CO

The talk was of cycling to the White Hart and check out the new owners, but with the lack of PV and FN (Spring Holidays) and the chance of meeting Chris O it was decided to stay in the boundaries of Aldershot. The good thing was that the bikes were out.

Pub Location OS Map Ref
The White Lion
Aldershot GU12 4EA
Yes it was busy, friendly and the beers were drinkable. Colin C. was just on his way home and KO delayed this by at least 10 minutes. So just TM, KO and RO, not a lot of conversation but what did get talked about was JA scam e-mail and where we would be watching the match of the year.

Brewer Beer


Price Mark Comment
Triple fff Alton Pride 3.8 3.10 3 Yes the 2nd was as good
Triple fff Moondance 4.2 3.10 Not tried
Triple fff Hallelujah 4.0 3.20 3 KO liked this, although TM thought a bit watery
Triple fff Pressed Rat 3.8 3.10 Not tried

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Red Lion
Aldershot GU12 4EZ
As I locked my bike up a typical Aldershot yobo in shorts, T shirt and tattoos staggered out of the door. Chris O. who was waiting in the pub agreed it was a worrying sight. It was difficult to see what clientele the pub was geared up for. Three lads at the sports end playing darts and pool, a f at the other end of the bar and us in the middle. We sat for some time trying to get through the pint in front of us.

Brewer Beer


Price Mark Comment
Sharps Doombar 4.0 3.60 2 Nearly not drinkable
Fullers London Pride 4.0 3.60 2 Much the same

Then off to the Garden Gate to a busy pub, American Folk/Blue Grass being played, no TV’s or gaming machines. Yes a very pleasant time and Chris O. was still complaining and lining the Guinness up at last orders.