23 May 2012 The Start of the Season – for some!

Sampled by:
FN, PV, ROC, KOC & TM (with RN joining later)

Summer had arrived and it was a lovely evening for the ‘official’ start of the biking season.

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Hogs Back Brewery
Tongham GU10 1DE
FN is well known here and despite forgetting his discount card still obtained the 10% off. TM proposed the toast
‘good health for the season of Twelve’. Had to try the Diamond Jubilee beer – let us hope the rest of the
festivities are more successful.

Brewer Beer % Price Mark Comment
Hogs Back Spring Ale 4.0 1.95 2.5 Cloudy from heat haze?
Hogs Back Majes T.E.A 5.2 2.28 2.5 Sweet and cloying

Pub Location Post Code
White Hart
Tongham GU10 1DE
Brothers Michael and Chris had been in the pub a few months now and are pleased with the local support received.
Although in mid-week the beers on offer were down to four, they did aim to have eight on over the weekends. The
beers, obtained from the SIBA Enterprise list, are presided over by Brian, their Aussie cellar manager. The Youngs
Special was not up to scratch and returned. Undaunted by Mengo’s discrimination, Brian not only happily drunk the
returned beers but displayed the fast turn around time of his new line cleaner by putting on Summer Lightning for
us to try. Their father is a frequent visitor from Sheffield and if prevailed upon will compare a game of Irish
Bingo. The brothers plan to hold a beer festival in September.

Brewer Beer % Price Mark Comment
Sharps Cornish Coaster 3.6 3.50 3.5 Lovely refreshing Pint
Youngs Special 4.5 3.50 0 Marginally drinkable
Ringwood Fortyniner 4.9 3.50 3.0 Back on track
Hop Back Summer Lightning 5.0 3.60 3.0 The original gold

Pub Location Post Code
White Lion
Aldershot GU10 4EA
Parking up the bikes was more difficult now as there is an Eldis Campervan parked on the hard standing. All quiet
and relaxing in the pub. It was very pleasing to note the improvement in the beer quality is being maintained. Our
Alton’s Pride official taster was especially happy as were the black beer drinker’s amongst us with the appearance
of a Porter.

Brewer Beer % Price Mark Comment
Triple fff Alton's Pride 3.8 3.10 3.5 Back on from
Triple fff Ramble Tamble 4.6 3.20 3.0 Nothing Special
Longdog Lamplight Porter 5.0 3.00 3.0 Thick charcoal - lovely