30 May 2012 Two Weeks In and No Bikes

Sampled by:
FN, KOC, PV and SH

With TM and ROC on their holidays the decision was to catch the train to Alton and walk!

Pub Location Post Code

Crown Hotel
Alton GU34 1BN
Owner was in the bar discussing the cost of planned works to the hotel –seems there might be some extensive
renovation. Back to the present and the Hooky was vinegar and returned, readily replaced by another beer and the
pump clip turned around. But would it stay that way when we left?

Brewer Beer % Price Mark Comment
Hook Norton Hooky 3.5 3.60 0 Exchanged
Sharp's Domm Bar 4.0 3.45 3.0 Good if slightly cold
Otter Ale 4.5 3.30 3.0 More robust taste

Pub Location Post Code
Alton GU34 1LH
SH joined us here – appears he had many trials and tribulations getting here by bike. Yes, he had biked from
Farnham. Modernised interior with modern barmaids serving. On our last visit there had been three beers on
including an unusual guest and so we were a little disappointed to find only two standards available this time.

Brewer Beer % Price Mark Comment
Sharp's Doom Bar 4.0 3.40 3.0 Standard
St Austell Tribute 4.2 3.40 3.0 Standard

Pub Location Post Code
Kings Head
Alton GU34 1HA
The barman had a very abrasive attitude – just what we liked. He was drinking Strongbow with lemonade top – hoped
they would eventually get in some Mr Whitehead’s. All the beers were in good form, including the Courage Best
taster. Informed us the son had failed to keep the pub which had been brought by the owner of a local taxi firm.

Brewer Beer % Price Mark Comment
Yeovil Star Gazer 4.0 3.00 3.5 Good Stuff
Arundel Castle 4.2 3.00 3.0 Not good stuff

Pub Location Post Code
Eight Bells
Alton GU34 1HA
Phil was a bit pissed. GU34 Minibus trip turned up. Good beer choice. All much the same then.

Brewer Beer % Price Mark Comment
Suthwyk Skew Sunshine 4.6 3.40 3.0 Sublime beer
Ballard's Best Bitter 4.2 3.00 3.0
Bowmans Swift One 3.8 3.30 3.0

Pub Location Post Code
Raiway Arms
Alton GU34 2RB
Another pub which fortunately does not change. The beers here are usually in better condition than the Aldershot
outlet and this time it was no exception – the Ramble Tamble at the White Lion was nothing special but here FN
suggested it get a 5! Next up was Apache Rose Peacock – luckily we will be here on 9 June to try it.

Brewer Beer % Price Mark Comment
Triple fff Pressed Rat 3.8 2.80 3.5
Triple fff Alton's Pride 3.8 2.80 3.5
Triple fff HAllelujah 4.2 2.90 4.0
Triple fff Ramble Tamble 4.6 2.90 4.0 Stunning
Liverpool Organic Aspinal Cambrinus 5.0 3.20 2.0 Awful