Date: 13 June 2012 I’m only having one

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For a change this summer, it was a very pleasant evening and even TM seemed to enjoy the bike ride through the
woods on the way from Wanborough Station to Wood Street Village.

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Prince of Wales
Farnborough GU14 6LR
It was a bit chilly so, of course, the early arrivals sat outside. Fortunately, Dave was inside so PV could warm
up while chatting to him about his recent trip to Nurnberg where ‘The Price of a Pint’ group followed in Mengo’s
footsteps to Enzenreuth.
It being mid-week there were only three ‘guest beers’ available along with the five regulars. Two of the guests
were from Stonehenge – the green one and a black one. PV found the Sign of Spring rather tasteless but Frank was
unwilling to swap his Dunkel, so PV had to lump it.

Brewer Beer % Price Mark Comment
Palmer's Copper Ale 3.7 2.80 3.5 Good beer of the month
Arkell's Maypole Mile 3.8 3.25 3.5 Excellent mild
Dark Star Hophead 3.8 3.15 3.5 The Standard citrus
Stonehenge Sign of Spring 4.6 3.40 3.5 Green and tasteless
STonehenge Old Smokey 5.0 3.40 3.5 German Dunkel

Pub Location Post


Farnborough GU14 8AL
On the recommendation of our Farnborough resident that the pub had some ‘good guests on’ lately we paid a visit.
The guests were both from Hogs Back – Spring Ale and MajesTEA. Fortunately, the Jubilee beer was better here than
our sample at the brewery but was still too sweet for our taste. As he was up early the next day, ROC was only
going to have one but in the end stayed for another.

Brewer Beer % Price Mark Comment
Sharp's Doom Bar 4.0 2.65 3.0
Fuller's London Pride 4.1 2.85 3.0
Hogs Back Spring Ale 4.0 2.50 3.0
Hogs Back MajesTEA 5.2 2.80 3.0 Better than the brewery