Crossways Inn 16th Beer Festival

Saturday 14th July 2012
GU10 2JE
Attended by
RO, TM, PC, RN, FN and KO

The weather was not that good but the bus did take the strain.

The Crossways was busy to start with and after sitting at the smoker’s bench outside for 15 minutes we managed to get back in the pub.

SH turned up with a mate, they had cycled (cross country) and had to be hosed down before they were allowed in the pub they had a couple and headed off into the wilds.

We settled into a few beers priced in the ranges 4% £3.50, 4.6% £3.50 and 4.6% £3.70. So bring on the tray of halves:

Brewer Beer %
Castle Rock Sheriff’s Tipple 3.4
Purity Pure Gold 3.5
Old Bear Estivator 3.7
Green Jack Summer Dream 4.0
Tirril Triple Drunk 4.0
Wood Athletes Ales 4.2
Arbor Brigstow 4.2
Marston Moor Indian Pooch Ale 4.3
Arbor Old Knobbley 4.5
Lymestone Seven Stone Weakling 4.7
Woldtop Wold Gold 4.8
Bridestone American Pale Ale 5.0