20th June 2012 Longest Day Split

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While SH cycled from Wrecclesham, ROC, PV, FN and TM trained to Bentley. KOC, hoping to meet up with John C, went straight to Alton and The French Horn. The Mengo split was temporarily healed at Holybourne and finally at The Railway Arms.

Pub Location Post Code
French Horn
Alton GU34 1RT
Unfortunately John C failed to turn up so KOC had a pint on his lonesome. Pub currently carries six real ales mainly from staple breweries. There were a couple from micros and some drinkers were recommending the Arundel
Sussex Gold as well worth a try.

Brewer Beer % Price Mark Comment
Youngs Bitter 3.7 £3.10 3
Pub Location Post Code
Anchor Inn
Lower Froyle GU34 4NA
As yet the recession does not appear to have affected Lower Froyle – the car park was full of 4x4’s and Silver Machines. The restaurant must have been fully booked as a few fine wine diners had to slum it in the bar.
Whatever, the beers were still in good condition and at a very reasonable price.
ROC related his sighting of the Dalai Lama in Robert Dyas in Farnham. The rest thought he was back on the Tibetan stuff.

Brewer Beer % Price Mark Comment
Triple fff Alton’s Pride 3.8 £3.00 3.5 Excellent
Triple fff Moondance 4.2 £3.20 3.5 Excellent
Pub Location Post Code
Hen & Chicken
Upper Froyle GU34 4JH
It was very hot inside the pub and so we sat outside on the terrace. All the beers were from the Hall and Woodhouse stable but, unfortunately, the current seasonal – Fursty Ferret – was unavailable on our visit.
The Sussex was flat as flat could be which was no surprise for a beer born in Horsham.

Brewer Beer % Price Mark Comment
Hall & Woodhouse Badger 4 £3.40 3 Surprised at good quality
Hall & Woodhouse Tanglefoot 4.9 £3.70 -
King & Barnes Sussex 3.5 £3.40 2.5 Rather flat
Pub Location Post Code
Queens Head
Holybourne GU34 4EG
Here we were joined by KOC after his sojourn at the French Horn. The landlady was playing poker with some of her friends but interrupted her game to help the barmaid serve our round. She also turned down the music so we could have a chat. The landlady was disappointed we only scored the beer 3.5 as the local East Hampshire CAMRA normally scored 4. Did not have the heart to tell her only one beer managed 3.5 with the rest getting 3.

Brewer Beer % Price Mark Comment
Greene King IPA 3.6 £3.10 Not tried
Hook Norton Old Hooky 4.6 £3.30 3.5 As good as at The Pear Tree
Triple fff Moondance 4.2 £3.30 3 SH was well happy
Hardy & Hanson Olde Trip 4.3 £3.30 3 Not to TM’s taste

On leaving the Queens Head, there was another minor Mengo split with four heading off to the Eight Bells while the O’C brothers went straight to the Railway Arms to maximize Apache drinking time.

Pub Location Post Code
Eight Bells
Alton GU34 2DA
It looked like the pub was empty of custom but in reality all the punters were in the beer garden, including the landlord, Phil. Fortunately, they had left the barmaid inside so we could get some beer. SH was happy as he could
have a Swift One while FN celebrated 200.

Brewer Beer % Price Mark Comment
Bowman Swift One 3.8 £3.10 3.5 Swiftly happy
Palmers 2005 £3.40 3.5 Celebratory
Pub Location Post Code
Railway Arms
Alton GU34 2RB
There was a very good Longdog beer on but it still paled when held up against the Apache Rose Peacock (which was still masquerading as Jubilee Ale). The Apache proved a fitting finish to an evening which had produced very good quality beers from all the pubs visited.

Brewer Beer % Price Mark Comment
Longdog Golden Plover 3.9 £2.90 3.5 Very good session beer
Triple fff Jubilee Ale 4.2 £2.90 4 Stunning